Located strategically at the North East corner of Power & Germann Rds in Power Marketplace, the Queen Creek Hub will be a premier destination for the benefit of it’s residents and the surrounding community.

The development will be entirely unique in providing a combination of high quality restaraunts, boutique shops, and a collection of leading edge non-profit entities that will provide substantial benefit to the town of Queen Creek and beyond.

Staying true to the heritage of Queen Creek, this development will feature art and architecture emblematic of the southwest, paying homage to our early indigenous cultures and the original settlers of this area. The Hub is based on the wagon wheel of community involvement and connection.

The inspiration of this development is rooted in healthy living, a vibrant and strong community, and balance with our natural world. The Hub will feature a walking path encircling the entire parcel that will include elements such as a variety of exercise stations, outdoor musical instruments, and environmental education displays.

The numerous family friendly attractions will provide pedestrian oriented fun and entertainment options and will be based entirely on the immediate needs and benefit of the community. There will be a substantial emphasis on providing a healthy and safe place for kids to learn, explore, and develop into their greatest potential including a state of the art environmental education center and theater, a youth center where kids can hang out, make friends, and receive positive reinforcement.

With the unique partnership between the commercial tenants helping to support and fund the non-profit entities located on site, this development will provide a win-win scenario in creating a vibrant atmosphere with mutually beneficial partnerships.

As a corner stone of the development, there will be several public-benefit charitable organizations that will operate on site with the primary anchor being the Eschaton Health & Wellness Clinic that will serve as a state of the art proto-type treatment, research, and therapist training center for First Responders and Veterans who are struggling with severe mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, ptsd, and addiction. Through the revolutionary utilization of psychedelic assisted therapies, the clinic will serve as a model for future locations that will be opening nationwide. It is projected that 6-8000 clinics will be open nationwide by 2030 and Queen Creek will be proud to host the flagship model for these to be based upon.

In addition, Kids Hope International will be established as an educational, motivational, research, and advocacy organization serving the needs of children both locally, nationally, and globally providing leadership on behalf of our youngest and future generations in addressing the world's most important and pressing issues.

America's Town Hall will serve as a community gathering place, promoting ongoing discussion, evaluation, and follow up with regard to the significant topics that affect each of us as individuals, our families, and the communities that we share. Additional corporate support will help fund and grow this concept with ongoing development and a robust partnership model.

Overall, the Queen Creek Hub will provide a substantial benefit to our town in numerous ways that are not listed in this overview and yet to be fully realized. It is with great excitement that we look forward to continue networking with individuals, non-profit organizations, and various business entities in this endeavor to make this project more successful than we can collectively envision.

We look forward to working together in whatever manner is appropriate to realize the expeditious development of this project.

Please contact project manager: Joe Kolnick at eschaton2012@yahoo.com for all questions or inquiries. Your assistance and support are very much appreciated!